Hardware Warranty

All SUMO Technologies products are sold with standard return to base warranty.
The period of warranty varies from product to product, and can be extended up to 5 years.

ST166, ST168, ST160, ST170, ST800 1 year RTB
ST509, ST515, ST517 1 year RTB
ST312, ST362, ST310, ST360, ST390 1 year RTB
ST430, ST435 1 year RTB
ST520, ST880 1 year RTB
ST8MS Series, ST8MP Series, ST8A Series (Excluding ST870A) 2 year RTB
ST870A (ST8A 7") 1 year RTB
Batteries 3 Months RTB
PSU and power cord 1 year RTB
Keyboards 1 year CRU
Mice 1 year CRU

RTB - Return To Base
CRU - Customer Replaceable Unit

Getting equipment repaired (in warranty)
Getting equipment repaired (out of warranty)