Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition is the ultimate mobile version of Windows XP and works perfectly with the SUMO ST360, or SUMO ST310 ultra mobile tablet computers.

Windows XP Tablet PC Edtion

Designed with mobility in mind, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition has the full Windows experience with additional features for pen-based computing. Innovative features like the Tablet Input Panel (TIP) enable you to use ink-based input on any Windows application.

There are also many applications capable of using ink directly. Solutions can be developed with this in mind to help make input simple for the end user. Just like Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition can be used as a laptop replacement and is capable of running Microsoft Office (sold separately).


Windows XP Tablet PC Edition has the most varied range of development options including:

  • Ink Enabled Software
  • Windows API
  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Sun Java

You can also install any third party software including web servers, databases, development platforms, and multimedia.

Built In Software

  • Adobe Reader
  • And more!