Windows XP Professional

Windows XP Professional is for multipurpose embedded devices or for use as desktop/laptop replacements.

Windows XP Professional

Chances are your PC or laptop already runs Windows XP Professional, and you can get exactly the same operating system on your SUMO Technologies products too. Using Windows XP Professional enables a huge library of software and hardware choices, making it the most versatile operating system for any solution.

Windows XP Professional can also be used as a desktop/laptop replacement. Along with Windows XP Tablet PC Edtion, it is licensed to run Microsoft Office (sold separately).


Windows XP Professional has the most varied range of development options including:

  • Windows API
  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Sun Java

Because it is Windows XP Professional, you can install any third party software including web servers, databases, development platforms, and multimedia.

Built In Software

  • Adobe Reader
  • And more!