Windows XP Embedded

Windows XP Embedded is designed for focused solutions that do not need large storage such as Point of Service (POS) devices. Includes full access to a subset of Windows XP and the .NET Framework for custom application development.

Windows XP Embedded

Our custom Windows XP Embedded software is designed for single purpose embedded systems. You can take our generic build and customise it to suite the needs of your embedded solution. Though it has the same look and feel of Windows XP Professional, it is actually a much smaller subset designed for deployment as a single use appliance. This drastically reduces the software footprint of your solution.

It also includes a Write Filter, which can be used to stop end users from breaking the operating system. After configuring the system for use, you can enable the Write Filter to reset the device back to your defaults after every subsequent reboot.


Windows XP Embedded has plenty of development options including:

  • Windows API *
  • Microsoft .NET Framework *
  • Sun Java

* Note that because Windows XP Embedded is a subset of Windows XP Professional, it does not include all Windows XP components.

Windows XP Embedded is available on a range of flash disk sizes. Please ask your sales contact for more information and availability. The amount of free space on the devices may vary.

Built In Software

  • Adobe Reader
  • Terminal Emulation Client
  • And more!