Windows CE 5.0 for WBT

WBT software is perfect for deployment in schools or business wanting to reduce the cost of managing complex PCs.

Windows CE 5.0 for Windows Based Terminal

Windows CE for Windows Based Terminal (WBT) is our premier thin client software platform. Similar in look and feel to the familiar SUMO ST100 products, the Windows Based Terminal software is designed to reduce the complexity of deploying countless PCs - each with their own disk and operating system.

Windows Based Terminal is designed to work with a Terminal Server which provides the user with a remote connection which looks and feels just like a normal Windows PC. Because the user's software is actually running on the server, the client can be very simple and easy to manage. This enables IT staff to manage just a few servers, rather than many PCs.


  • Microsoft RDP
  • Citrix ICA
  • Terminal Emulation
  • Limited Web Browser