Software Overview

Multipurpose Systems

Windows XP Professional

Windows XP Professional The very same software you use on your desktop or laptop PC can provide users with the full Windows experience on a tiny computer. Having the full operating system enables a magnitude of hardware and software options. It can be locked down just like any other Windows PC by using familiar tools like Group Policy.

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition All the power of Windows XP Professional with extra support designed to take advantage of mobile computers. Windows XP Tablet PC Edition has support for rich ink in applications and throughout the operating system to enable the SUMO ST310 and SUMO ST360 to be the ultimate mobile devices.

Embedded Systems

Windows XP Embedded

Windows XP Embedded Our custom Windows XP Embedded software is ideal for single purpose solutions. It features a limited set of Windows XP features giving you the full power of Windows in a small footprint. Windows XP Embedded can be customised to run one or two applications, and the Write Filter can stop end uses from breaking the software.

Thin Client Computing

Windows CE for Windows Based Terminal

Windows CE for Windows Based Terminal Our Windows Based Terminal (WBT) software includes a connection manager to help users select which server or application they wish to connect to. Support is provided for connection to Microsoft RDP and Citrix ICA as well as legacy connections like Telnet. WBT also includes a limited web browser for access to intranet and Internet applications.

Windows CE for Information Appliance

Windows CE for Information Appliance Our Information Appliance (IA) software includes all the same connectivity features as our WBT software but also includes a limited desktop environment, which is similar to the the full version of Windows. It can also be customised to run third party Windows CE and .NET Compact Framework applications.