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SUMO ST166 Overview

Low power, corporate power
The SUMO ST166 thin-client computing platform


The SUMO ST166 is an innovative thin-client device for application and web services access in a compact and energy efficient package, which is based on AMD Geode technology. Engineered for optimal performance it outclasses its rivals with superior processing power and a range of embedded operating systems. This brings the SUMO ST166 to the forefront of energy efficient thin-client computing. Its versatile networking connectivity and integrated applications mean the SUMO ST166 is a cost-effective and compelling solution for network and information access.

The SUMO ST166 leads the industry in environmental computing with its average power consumption of 4.4 Watts making it outstanding in its field. Particularly suited for healthcare and industrial applications, the SUMO ST166 has zero ventilation requirements and is presented in a robust, sealed aluminium case.

The result is that the SUMO ST166 is an excellent cost-effective and energy efficient device for network and dinformation access for the corporate market.

  • Support for Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Windows XP Embedded, Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 and Linux operating systems
  • The SUMO ST166 can operate as an Internet/intranet access device or as a thin client solution for server-based computing
  • The thin-client option makes it easy to manage and maintain corporate connection strategies and ensure consistent working environments throughout the enterprise
  • The Internet/intranet access device features built-in desktop applications and the flexibility to run Microsoft .NET Framework and Sun Java applications with a familiar desktop experience
  • The built in VPN capability makes the SUMO ST166 an ideal solution for the extension of the office to home and provides flexible worker location combined with secure corporate access
  • As with all SUMO products the SUMO ST166 is easy to set up and configure and can be remotely managed
  • The legacy free USB interface supports keyboards, mice, local printing and other USB-based devices including storage, bar-code readers, touch screen input devices and smart card readers
  • Its lightweight robust design provides flexibility in location and orientation

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