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SUMO ST1350CA Cloud Computing

Device Manager 2.0 Features and Benefits:

  • Update OS / BIOS / Client Agent via FTP, USB or a network drive
  • Client devices can be registered to the server automatically within the same LAN
  • File transmission between server and clients
  • Remotely execute applications at the client side
  • Remotely power on / off clients via RTC (Real-Time Clock) and WOL (Wake On LAN)
  • Monitor / manage device asset information, including hardware, software and external peripherals
  • Assign tasks with multiple grouped commands to client devices
  • Tasks can be dispatched to client devices for execution without a network connections
  • Schedule, send and execute commands to multiple devices at the same time
  • Monitor task execution status and results
  • Remotely login to clients via VNC
  • Integrated software solution to include all components from server to clients
  • Watchdog to maximise software stability
  • Microsoft® Active Directory® support for account management
  • Privilege settings for accounts and roles, also for each command for every device group

Cloud Computing System Diagram:

SUMO ST1350CA Cloud Computing Overview

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