About SUMO Technologies Ltd.

SUMO Technologies Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with the company number 3933657. The registered office is at Manor Chambers, 26a Marygate, York, North Yorkshire YO30 7BH.

SUMO Technologies Ltd. was founded in 1998 with a mission to provide more options to users and system integrators in the growing thin-client and embedded systems markets. Since that time we have expanded to offer our customers a much larger variety of solutions and services, brief outlines of which are listed below.

Thin Client Computing

SUMO Technologies help businesses grow with thin-client devices which take the complexity of users desktop PCs and move it onto the network where it can be easily managed by IT departments.

Embedded Systems

We have a comprehensive range of embedded devices for solutions that require small and reliable x86 based computing. This can cover anything from wall mounted entertainment systems to tablet computers for stock taking inside a vehicle.

Our Hardware

We have the hardware that makes previously impossible solutions a possibility. This gives you the power to manage complex networks simply and efficiently.

The success of our SUMO ST100 thin client product, gave us the opportunity and knowledge to work with our partners to design even better solutions that meet and exceed our customers needs. Our latest line of products come in all shapes and sizes bringing new opportunities to take computing to all the places that are not suitable for a PC to be deployed.